Why Should Rely on The Binary Design for Your WordPress Development?

To take your thriving business notches higher, it is imperative to give it an online platform in today’s digitally empowered world. Looking at the plethora of benefits a WordPress website can confer your growing business, outsourcing a great website management plan gets important whilst you tackle the daily hassles of real business. Here should come to your rescue a suitable WordPress maintenance plan. But, the question is, how would you decide on the suitability? We got you covered here!

Let’s read on further to understand the basics about The Binary Design WordPress development company and what to expect from them.

Why Should You Rely On the Binary Design?

We all are aware that the more an organization expands, the greater gets the loss suffered by technical glitches on the website, which could be include financial loss, company’s goodwill, or loss of valuable customers to competitors. Sluggish websites lose ranks on search engines like Google. A website maintenance plan makes sure that your site loads rapidly and stays optimized for peak performance. Finding and availing the services of a reputable The Binary Design WordPress development services company will mitigate these risks keeping you safe in the hands of an expert.

So, what exactly should you be looking for from your WordPress development service provider? With so many WordPress development agencies doing the rounds in the market, nowhere the question is why you should rely on us?

At The Binary Design WordPress development company, we will consider evaluating your database, SEO, compatibility of third-party plugins to keep your website working seamlessly, most often with elevated short-term profitability, improved Google rankings, and user experience.

WordPress Maintenance Plans

A WordPress development company works to improve the infrastructure and ecosystem of the WordPress platform. Various business owners are now motivated to turn towards website maintenance plans to keep their businesses safe and roaring. However, while hunting for the right WordPress development service provider, one must closely consider the types of services provided, including the key maintenance tasks that we are going to discuss further.

  1. SEO:Search Engine Optimization boosts a website’s appeal to the search engines. At The Binary Design WordPress development service, we will surely take care of it.
  2. Website updates:Your website requires evolution to stay fresh and showcase changes in your business. We have WordPress maintenance plans that involve a set time allocation for regular upgrades.
  3. WordPress theme upgrades:Theme signifies the look of your WordPress website, the visual and user-experience aspects basically. An updated theme helps in optimal performance and security.
  4. Live uptime monitoring:Advanced plans offer 24/7 uptime monitoring which is a crucial aspect for businesses that have websites as their primary mode of sales or channel to connect with clients.
  5. Tune-ups:Slow WordPress websites are a BIG NO! They cut down your visitors and demote your search engine ranking. A simple tune-up generally allows your WordPress websites to run faster.

Checking Reviews

The most go-to method of checking if a WordPress development company can or not deliver what you are looking for or what they promise is to check reviews/testimonials at trusted third-party websites. You can check our company reviews on different online platforms for your satisfaction.

We Will Care Of Securing Your Site From Viruses And Malware

A comprehensive website maintenance plan will ensure your WordPress website is secure against viruses and malware. Your visitors should feel safe each time they access your site; their personal information should remain secure for long-term ties.

Backing up often

Complete backups of your site at regular intervals are really crucial. If your site crashes, loss of data could bring your brand or business at stake. Keeping your site up to date and running smoothly should be our priority.


Keep a check on how frequently you require updating of content. Now, if it is going to be you who shall provide them with content to update for, e.g., blog articles, descriptions, images, etc., or you will leave it to the WordPress service providers? Good and open communication between you and your WordPress development agency will surely help them in meeting demands, whether they’re technical or developmental. Staying open and honest brings you the best service, setting a strong foundation for your business relationships.

Special Assistance

One of the major factors to judge the functions of a good WordPress development agency is to talk to their customer support and find out how they cater to the requests. We have different project coordinators for each client. It will help you in narrowing your options since good customer support allows smooth functionality between the company and the client. It will give you an idea of how quickly you could get in touch with them once you’re a customer for services or queries.


With so many WordPress development agencies in the market, we are different from others because we provide complete package hosting, maintenance, and support all under one roof. In such a case, you will not have to wander hither and thither to find help when required. You could even look out for our advanced WordPress maintenance plan that covers emergency repairs with access to professional on-demand help.

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