The online retail industry is booming. There are thousands of eCommerce businesses up there in the online market fighting their way through the neck-cutting crowd.

The competition is always challenging, and if you want to establish your brand, you need to be constant with strategies.

Increasing competition, digitalization, ease of access with mobile solutions, and changing buying behavior are essential factors affecting the popularity and reasoning of the eCommerce industry.

According to some online data, more than 2 billion people from all around the globe prefer online shopping. They shop daily from those online stores. The number is significant and conveys the message of the dominancy of online shopping platforms.

In all these years, the eCommerce industry has undergone several transformations in different aspects. Today, if you want to run a successful eCommerce business, you need to be aware of all the tactics and tricks of the online market.

It won’t be wrong to say that running any sales-oriented business without an online selling store is nearly impossible.

Magento’s custom cms development services in the USA has established its roots among all the competitive stores. It sits on the top of the list without any competition and has made its place permanent.

The question hands in midair that “What makes Magento so special?” “What makes it unique from other online platforms like Shopify?” “Why is it on the top of the list?”

We got you covered. Let’s see how and why Magento has established its brand name in the online market.

  1. Open-Source Platform:

We know that open-source code is easy to examine, study, change, use, and distribute without any charges; it makes Magento approachable to everyone.

Designed and developed under the open-source license using open-source tools, Magento is an open-source platform. Due to its adaptable nature, it allows for a collaborative effort and thus, provides you with improved results.

In addition to this, the security standards released by Magento Website Development are top-rated with reliable performance.

  1. Reliable Hosting:

Magento is the first choice for everyone when it comes to hosting because its CMS allows the user to opt for any hosting freely.

While other eCommerce platforms like Shopify don’t allow so and impose specific hosting solutions restrictions.

Magento allows the website developer to pick the hosting provider, model, and package to meet their needs. You get benefits like improved ROI, sales, and overall business revenue if you go for Magento hosting.

Overall, it gives you the freedom to do things that other platforms don’t.

  1. Third-Party Extensions:

An online business without integrations is as good as nothing. Magento offers you various third-party extensions, components, and integrations, which makes it perfect for anyone out there.

The platform is simple to deploy with new versions, upgrade, and craft new functionalities.

You can hire a Magento developer and upgrade options ranging from the payment gateway, feedback, social media, reviews plugin, or an analytics tool.

You can upgrade and improve your website in appearance, style, and functionality at a reasonable price.

  1. Advanced SEO:

Every business out there in the online market wants its website to rank higher on the search engine results. And for making this possible you need to implement a good and effective SEO technique. SEO plays a significant role here.

For making this process easier for you, Magento crafted an advanced feature for SEO. Users can use this feature to optimize the ranking of their product pages.

Through the CMS feature, you can optimize the URLs, set rich snippets, build a sitemap, canonical tags, optimize keywords, and add ALT tags.

  1. SSL Certification:

SSL certification ensures the security of your website. It creates an encrypted link between a web server and the browser, and the data shared through this link is entirely private.

Therefore, it is an essential component for all online websites.

To integrate HTTPS into your online selling store to secure the users’ information, including credentials, credit card details, and other vital information, you can hire a Magento developer.

Most surveys showed that Magento is considered a great eCommerce platform in the UK. So it becomes essential to hire a custom cms development services company.

Hence, these five features make Magento a renowned eCommerce platform having a flexible shopping cart system and control over the look, content, and functionality.

  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Server
  • WordPress
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