Top web designers in United States


You must have gone through several articles on the best website designing agencies. But what makes them best is the question to raise here. The world-famous web designers are more likely to share their insights on what to do, and what not to do in a designing project via interviews, books, blogs, and training up new interns in their designing agencies, but what is rare is that a famous designer sharing his or her portfolio with the public.

In this article, we will highlight the names of the top 10 website designers who didn’t let their fame get in the way of inspiring others from their state-of-the-art designs, wonderful creativity, and use of perfect color balance.

Top website designers

The names of some of the website designers that are on top of their game are mentioned below.

  • Mike Kus

He is based in UK. Mike Kus is well‐known for his web/UI design, graphic design, illustration and photography and branding skills. During is working experience, he has managed to garner clients from all around the globe. His work can also be seen featured on design related publications and he regularly speakers at tech and design-related forums and conferences. He has more than 766k followers on social media site Instagram, where he prominently shares his photography and illustration portfolio with the world.

His work is focused on capturing the brighter, colorful, and optimistic energy from behind his camera lens, and he also makes sure to provide concise and informative knowledge about the picture or any project on which he is working on. So his work can be seen as not just eye candy, but food for thought as well.

  • Shane Mielke

From being a freelancer creative director to becoming an award‐winning front‐end developer, photographer, animator, author, coach, speaker, and writer, Shane Mielke is definitely one of the most versatile designers with 10 years of experience in the field.

He baskets the credit of designing and developing more than 40 FWA award-winning websites, 3 Awwwards, and 3 Adobe Cutting Edge Awards. His work of photography, web designing, and books that he authored have been featured in over 60 magazines.

He also has experience of using his immense skill set on the movie set. You can visit his website to check out his extensive portfolio with a wide range of work. His web design company in USA is based in American Silicon Valley, California.

  • Yaron Schoen

We highly suggest you to visit the website of Yaron Schoen, believe us, you won’t regret it. It is probably one of the most interactive and witty website you’ll see. and what is more is that, how he used the minimal amount of design, colors, or elements to make it look attractive, yet it will persuade you to go to the last slide.

This introductory homepage of Yaron Schoen’s official website is a master piece, as well as an example of why he has made it to the list of top website designers. His work makes it evident that how much can be done with so little. He is a designer and an entrepreneur, based in Brooklyn NY. He has provided his services from small start‐ups to fortune 500 companies. he was also a designer lead in Twitter New York.

  • Jina Anne

She is known as a community builder and a designer, with a passion of working for design systems in a minimal for of art. She has also worked at Salesforce as a designer lead. Her portfolio on the website is divided into all the categories of certain projects that she has worked on. She has also added her undergraduate and post graduate projects on the website, which is a sign of how confident and talented she is as a designer.

She has properly managed all her archives and projects on the portfolio. On her website, you can see her previous clients as well.

  • Dan Cederholm

He is a well‐known website designer and a long‐time advocate for the web designing standards. He works at his founding website SimpleBits, in Salem, Massachusetts. For creating principles and standards in web designing, he has attended several events around the globe as a keynote speaker, and authored many books on this topic as well.

Dan has worked with business giants like ESPN, MTV, Google, Microsoft, YouTube etc. He is also the co‐founder of Dribble, where you can find the colorful images and grids representing his past work projects.


The above mentioned designers have not just a distinctive website design experience, they have also managed to work with some of the best companies in the world which helped them to gain an international exposure, based on their amazing skills.

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