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The Internet has been an integral part of everyone since its inception but its need, usability and our dependence on it has increased ten folds after dealing with a global pandemic. The flux towards digitization hasn’t been better, ever than it is right now.

Since many people have turned towards online businesses, one thing that is essential for it is to have a well-established website. Finding a reputable website design and development agency to work with can be a nerve-wracking thing, because of the high competition level and thousands of companies claiming to be the best. To save you from that, we have enlisted some of the best and top-rated website design agencies which provide top-notch and stellar services.

Top rated website design agencies

The designing companies mentioned below might be on the costly side and require an upscale budget, because anything worth a class isn’t cheap. And due to the fact that their rates are high, they provide high class services to their clients.

1. R/GA

R/GA is one of the best and top rated website design agency and digital transformation company. They have been in the web design agency for more than four decades now. Since 70’s the company has managed to established its name in the world of advertisement, and with time, they have moved forward towards the digital front. Innovating new ideas, skillfully managing new and on-going projects based on multiple levels of marketing, website designing and branding are some of the things that R/GA has great strength over.

R/GA is considered as one of the best web design services in USA. They are located in New York, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland. Some of their major clients include Nike, Samsung, Reddit, Shopify and Verizon.

2. Clay

Clay website design agency masters at delivering interactive website development. They also partner up with other website design departments, companies, and startups. With clients as big as Google, Amazon, Slack, Facebook, Cisco and Zenefits, Clay specializes in developing award winning websites with high interactivity and aesthetics. Their company is based in San Francisco, California.

3. Huge

Huge is one of the biggest web designing companies in the world and has successfully worked with some of the most prominent and world renowned brands in making their websites, digital marketing, mobile and web apps, and other website platforms. The talented team of professional designers at Huge manage to amalgamate the technology with creativity and produce user friendly digital experience for people. Huge has 13 offices located worldwide, which helps them to connect with global brands. Some famous brands with which Huge has worked with include Google, Hulu, Nike, Gucci, and LG. Their make locations are Brooklyn, Toronto, Los Angeles, Oakland, London and more.

4. Active Theory

Active theory is another renowned web design and development agency. They specialize in creative websites, applications, virtual reality and alternative reality experiences (VR & AR) for entertainment business. They are located in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Active theory must be your first choice if you’re looking for a highly innovative and interactive website design. Major clientele of Active Theory is Rick and Morty, Google, Coachella, Magic Leap and Blue Shield.

5. WebFX

With more than 20 years of experience, WebFX is another great digital marketing and website designing company to work with. Their team of experienced and exceptionally talented designers have the expertise that need to build up a brand. WebFX creates award-winning and revenue generating websites and other digital solutions for clients. Although mostly their clients are local business and brands, they are still a promising web designing agency to work with and deliver great results.

6. Heydays

If you’re looking for an off-shore company to hire for web designing services, your best shot at it is Heydays. This creative agency and web designing firm is from Norway, and masters in creative branding, product design, web design and development, and some other digital experiences. They have most worked with the European brands and startup companies and finding their way up towards a better brand and web presence. They are location in various cities in Norway like Oslo, Pebble, Huddly, Flokk and Kolonial.


There are many web designing and development agencies around the world to work with in order to elevate your brand’s name and recognition. Working with the best companies will ensure the positive results and quick road to success, due to the agency’s previous work experience and reputation. However, these top of the list web designing companies also require a steep budget in order to drive results. So before hiring any company, make sure to check their cost and demanding price per project or services.

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