How Much Should Your Logo Design Cost?

As we all know, a logo is the most important ingredient of any brand’s identity. A logo is the first thing that a potential customer will see, and a logo will make you different from other brands. But now there is a question how much does a logo design cost? The cost of the logo depends on the quality of your logo. Hiring a professional and creative logo designer or company will help you get a unique logo that will communicate with your targeted audience. The design firms offer verities of logo design prices, points, and packages, but the thing is that what you’re getting or not getting in exchange for your money.

Logo Design Cost

Logo design cost varies because it depends on the quality of the logo. The cost of a logo varies from brand to brand. It can be from $0 to 1000$, but if you’re launching a new startup or looking for a unique and quality design, a good logo design cost will be $200-$1200.

Logo Design Journey

Logo designing is an iterative and multi-stage process involving designers’ research, thinking, sketches, and several logo design samples. That’s why most firms offer custom logo design packages; some logos take a few minutes, and some take a long period. Some logos are free, and some take a few thousand dollars, but your work is done on time. Is your brain spinning yet? Take it easy; we are here to provide you with the complete guide that will help you to decide your logo design cost.

Option 1- Do It By Your Hands

Online Logo Maker – Under $300

Online logo maker is one the cheapest option for getting a logo. You can design it online if you have design knowledge and know about Adobe Illustrator. If you don’t know about designing software, you can go for a logo generator. Logo generators are the cheapest option; you can use them for $0 but pay $20-$25 while downloading your logo in high quality. But they offer only limited icons, font styles. If you choose a logo generator, you will get usable logos.


This software is only available for Mac OS X users; it will cost $9 for a one-month license. It will allow you to export your logo in multiple formats: SVG, PDF, JPEG, and PNG. This software is not for print design because you can’t export your logo in printer-friendly colors. But this tool is still becoming a favorite tool for the designer’s community.

Adobe Illustrator

It is one of the best tools for logo designing and the top app for vector graphics. It will allow you to export your logo in 8-10 different formats like PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc. It will also allow you to export your logo design for print purposes with CMYK colors. If you use this software, you have to buy an Adobe Creative Cloud membership; it will cost $20.99 per month.


This website will allow you to download different vectors for your use and edit it on Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. You can download different source files from this website, including AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG files. It will cost $14.00 per month, and you can download thousands of logos source files in a month.


Canva’s monthly paid subscription cost is $149 for one year. It provides multiple features, and you can easily design your logo using it. There are 1000 templates are available on Canva; you have to select and customize them as per your requirements. After customizing your logo, you can download your logo in JPG, PNG, or PDF.

Option 2 – Hire a Freelance Logo Designer

Hiring a freelancer or a design firm means getting a great logo designed by a professional logo designer. Keep in mind that they will charge hourly or by project while hiring a logo designer. A new freelancer with fewer ratings will charge less, but you will not get your desired product. You can hire a logo designer from online platforms ranging between $200-$250 for a simple logo. You can hire a logo designer from different online platforms like Dribble, Upwork, and Fiver. But It will take time to hire a good designer. If you are thinking of launching a new brand, choose your logo very carefully to represent your brand identity. You can choose option one or option 2 for logo designing; whatever option you choose for your logo design, we wish you the best of luck for your logo design journey.

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