Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website


Every day we see new technologies take over the previously popular ones, making them seem redundant and out dated. Same is the case with website designs. In today’s web design market, having a responsive website design is considered as status quo for many reasons.

But before we start with the reasons on why your business website needs to have a responsive design, let us discuss what responsive web design actually is.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive website design is simply the way a website is created in a way that it automatically changes its display based on the size of the screen on which it is being viewed on. It not only changes its display size, but also changes the content and design elements like pictures and videos.

When a non-responsive website is opened on a small screen like tablet or mobile, it is not capable of making automatic shifts in its size, hence some website doesn’t work well on smaller screens. You may have faced this problem when you open a website on your phone and the display, and content gets distorted. It so happens that something the pictures on website become too zoomed in because of the size and display issue. With a responsive website, these issues don’t occur.

The purpose of a responsive website design is to provide your website the elements that makes it work efficiently despite of the screen size. It is also responsible for providing seamless navigation on website.

Reasons why you need responsive web design

With the increase of mobile users with each year, it is important to understand that now, people tend to surf internet via mobile phones rather than going to desktop for it. According to techjury, more than half of the worldwide internet users surf websites through a mobile device while only 49 percent uses desktops. This statistic shows the increased number of internet users, utilizing mobile devices for visiting websites.

For this fact, and many more listed below, you need to get a responsive design for your website.

Cost effective

Getting a whole new website developed for two separate platforms (one for mobile and one for desktop) is not only going to be a hectic task, but maintaining them separately will also cost you a lot of money. Instead of spending extra money on this process, you need to do a one-time investment for your website and get a responsive design for your business website to work on all sized devices.


With a responsive website design, you don’t have to worry for making updates and changes on two different websites. you can make quick changes, effective simultaneously on both platforms. This flexibility is a huge advantage in terms of saving capital and doing quick designing tweaks.

Improved user experience

It is important for your business to be mindful of what experience your users are getting from your website. A website that takes a longer than usual time to load, has a non-responsive design, doesn’t fit to the screen and distort the display with mismatched content, pictures and elements if going to give a bad impression of your business on the customer, hence, a negative user experience will be created. This impression of your business will make you seem unprofessional in the eyes of customer base. To avoid such things, it is important for your business to stay up-to-date in technological advancement and choose the latest innovations and implement them on your business. Responsive websites are quicker to load and transform their elements, content and pictures within a matter of seconds. Quick website with efficient functionality gives the visitors a more positive and satisfying user experience.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is used to make your website appear in the top ranking on google or other search engines. When your website says in the top ranking of search engines, then it not only boosts your business growth, but it also creates recognition of your brand among the masses. As per Google mentioned, it automatically gives preference to responsive websites for the searchers using mobile devices.

Easy to manage

For SMEs, most of the time it happens that either you don’t get enough time or budget to hire a developer to make changes in the website. With a responsive website, you can put this worry aside. Responsive websites allow the user to make relevant, quick and easy changes. With a responsive website, you can divide the stress and burden of web management.


Noticing the number of people using mobile phones instead of desktop, it would be a wise decision to invest your money in a responsive web design.

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