Explaining the 5 Different Types of YouTube Ads

Let’s discuss YouTube.

Most likely, we’ve all wasted an afternoon watching pointless cat videos. Although YouTube has long been a source of enjoyable material, it is also a crucial tool for marketers. In actuality, 55% of marketers use YouTube as a component of their overall marketing plan. That’s terrific, but my audience isn’t on YouTube Ads, you might be thinking. Well, reconsider. YouTube has over two billion active users globally, and one-quarter of internet users view videos for 10 hours or more each week. The platform is so comprehensive that 76 different languages can be used to access it.

The site first allowed marketers in 2007; however, the number of commercials we now view before, during, and beside our preferred videos has multiplied by at least 10. The reality of online advertising today is that it can be challenging to watch the entire three minutes of a music video without being interrupted. However, let’s discuss the distinctions between the four different forms of YouTube ads and how marketers may use each ad type to further their objectives.

Different Types of YouTube ads

Skippable Video Ads

Skippable in-stream video commercials, which can be displayed both before and during a video, come first on the list. The spectator can skip these advertisements once they have played for at least 5 seconds. Generally speaking, the length of the video advertisement must be at least 12 seconds, and it is advised to keep it under 3 minutes. One benefit of this kind of YouTube advertisement is that you won’t get charged unless someone clicks on it, sees the entire commercial (for any ad under 30 seconds), or watches at least 30 seconds of it.

Non-Skippable Video Ads

Viewers are unable to skip your video advertisement using this format for ads. Depending on the nation, the maximum length of the video advertisement is between 15 and 20 seconds. In contrast to skippable advertising, this site exclusively accepts CPM payments. This implies that you can decide on the highest CPM you are willing to pay before basing your payments on impressions. The primary benefit of non-skippable video commercials is that viewers watch the whole thing. The primary drawback is that every view costs money. Even for visitors who find it unpleasant and ignore your advertisement, like TV advertisement, Use this form of advertising to maximize brand recognition.

Bumper Ads

As the name implies, these advertisements only interrupt the viewer’s video for six seconds. The shortest sort of YouTube ad accessible is the bumper, which cannot be skipped. Even though bumper ads are only a few seconds long, they can be utilized to advertise a company, service, or good effect. One of YouTube’s six advertising forms is the bumper ad format. The briefness of a bumper ad makes it ideal for boosting brand identification and reach.

On the other hand, longer commercial spots that go into great detail on the features and advantages of a product are better suited for overlay advertising, skippable video ads, and non-skippable video ads. Advertisers can run Independent bumper advertising. They should be used in conjunction with TrueView Ads to maximize their efficacy. TrueView advertisements and YouTube bumper ads might first be displayed to new visitors to improve frequency.

Non-video ads

Let’s be honest. Video advertisements are expensive despite their ability to increase brand awareness and client interaction. Thankfully, YouTube advertising provides a practical choice. You may benefit from the platform’s broad reach and audience targeting capabilities by using YouTube’s non-video ads without spending a fortune.

There are two categories of YouTube non-video ads:

Display Adverts: These non-video advertisements are displayed on the right sidebar of a viewer’s video, directly above the list of suggested videos. A CTA, text, and a picture are all included in display ads.

Ad Overlays Within Videos: These small pop-up adverts sit atop videos from YouTube channels paid for by advertisers. Only desktop and laptop screens display overlay advertisements.

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Explaining the 5 Different Types of YouTube Ads