Best PPC Management Tools for Retail & eCommerce Businesses

PPC seems like a fantastic opportunity; developing successful ads may be expensive in terms of time, effort, and money; you risk losing money if you don’t monitor your advertising or have a solid strategy. For instance, WordStream says the typical small firm wastes 25% of its PPC money.

You may know how time-consuming these campaigns maybe if you work in PPC marketing.

This blog post lists PPC management tools and programs to aid you in creating a PPC process that is less time-consuming and more profitable.

PPC Management Tools


Small business owners that wish to utilize PPC properly but lack the resources to employ experts or hire advisors are the target audience for WordStream’s PPC Advisor. The program can be integrated with Bing Ads, Google Ads, and other significant ad networks.

You can use WordStream Advisor to activate the “20 Minute Work Week” feature, which will quickly review your PPC campaigns and provide suggestions for how to make them more effective. These modifications can then be made using the Wordstream program.

Additionally, you can create campaigns, choose profitable and unfavorable keywords, and modify budgets. You may develop optimized landing pages with the program, track conversion, and call data, and generate reports.

Google Ads Editor

You may create, track, and change your Google advertising with this downloadable desktop program, which is known as AdWords Editor. Along with performance tracking, the software lets you develop or update your advertisements offline; preview edits in draught mode before they go live, and make mass changes to several ads.

The editor integrates with Google Ads, which enables users to designate a bid strategy to campaigns specifically for the Google bod strategy and allocate it to those campaigns. To administer a Google Ads campaign with the Ads Editor, you must first create one.

Bing Ads Editor

Although many marketers may consider Google their major PPC option, Bing PPC has also gained popularity because of the search engine’s daily query volume of over five billion.

Bing provides similar software for its PPC advertisements on its search engine. Similar to the Google Ads Editor, you can edit your ads offline and publish them to the platform whenever you have an internet connection again. With this management tool, you can also control your bids, conduct keyword research, and keep track of your performance.


The PPC management tools from SEMRush focuses on competitor analysis, keyword research, and campaign preparation.

You can search your domain to view a list of the domains you compete with organically and a list of those you compete with in sponsored search while investigating competitors on SEMRush. Additionally, you can research the terms that your rivals have previously bid on to determine whether you should adopt a similar bidding approach. The “Charts” tool in ToolKit can also display graphic graphs on the performance of several rivals.

The Keyword Magic Tool is another function that lets you enter a keyword or phrase to get a list of related, stronger keywords and information about them, such as search volume.


Some advertising solutions for managing budgets, search, social media, e-commerce, and app-based ads are available from Kenshoo. You can create and modify various bids using the software’s bid management features, including model- and rules-based proposals.

With Kenshoo’s platform, you can directly integrate data from Google Ads and other online ad programs. The information may be seen on various dashboards that compare spending, revenue, return on investment, and conversion.


Be careful to consider your company’s budget and the number of accounts you’ll be monitoring before subscribing to one or more of these solutions. If you work as a large organization or agency marketer, you may select an enterprise program with all the required management capabilities in one package. You may only want to use the less expensive options on this list if you’re a freelancer or part of a startup.

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